Hi, I'm Lindsay


I started using social media in business back in 2007, and always worked with small and medium sized businesses to create effective online marketing strategies without needing huge teams to execute them.  

In 2015 I took the leap and started my own company focused on helping small businesses use social media to grow and connect to their biggest fans.

In 2018 after 3 years of running my company as a one person business I was burnt out and exhausted.  I struggled with what to do, then I saw a posting from Shopify looking for marketing help for their customers. They were willing to teach me how to use the platform so I applied, 2 days later I was interviewed and 3 days later I was hired.  It was a very fast process and they were okay with me keeping my existing business and clients so it seemed like the perfect fit.  


I loved working at Shopify but after a year and a half of working with hundreds of stores I wanted to make a larger impact on the businesses I saw as having great potential. I wanted to be able to work with those businesses longer and help them create a strategy that would have a far greater impact on their bottom lines. It was a hard decision but I decided to leave and go back into my business full time. 


Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic, where e-commerce exploded and left a lot of new entrepreneurs wide eyed and looking for support. So, I continued to evolve the business and now we focus on working with Shopify stores to help them with development, growth and scaling into the six figure business they dreamed of.  


It was the perfect fit for my experience and I really love to dive into a business and pull out the best strategies for you to succeed. The benefit of having looked at close to 1,000 stores in my time so far working with Shopify’s platform is I have seen businesses making $100 a month to $1 million a month and have been able to focus in on what the big differences are.  I use that knowledge in order to help stores quickly increase sales, and focus on what matters the most in order to achieve their goals.  


I love helping store owners go from stuck and struggling to scaling to their best month yet, all with clear strategic action. If you’d like to work with me click on the menu under Work With Me you’ll see a few ways I can help.  


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