Have you ever wished you had someone you could reach out to and talk about how to grow your online sales? Someone who could give you a clear direction on where to spend your time in order to hit your goals for the month?  


That is what this package is all about.  I will review your online store and create an easy marketing plan with the best tactics for you to use to achieve your sales goals.  


This happens in 3 easy steps: 

  1. You and I get on a call together to go over where your Shopify store is right now and where you want to grow it to in the next 90 days.  
  2. I then go away and review your store to create a plan for you to follow over the next 90 days to improve your sales. No more guesswork, you will get a clear plan to track your success and get you on track to hitting your goal. 
  3. 1-hour virtual meeting to go over the plan, and how to execute.  This is all recorded and sent to you.  


I know that creating success soon is important so this process is meant to be easy and to happen as quickly as possible so you can get clear on how to grow your business and stop feeling overwhelmed or like you weren’t cut out for this. 


This process from start to finish only takes 1-2 weeks.  So stop struggling with your marketing efforts and work with me to create a custom plan for how to achieve your sales goals for the next 90 days.  The investment right now is $497, regular price is $697. Click the button below to get your evaluation.

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